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I BABBI – I RACCONTI FEDERICO – La voglia di scoprire e di vedere oltre è stata la molla per scoprire che anche un papà può partecipare attivamente al parto.. Domenica è nata mia figlia ed ero li.. Ora posso dire anche io che ‘ho fatto nascere mia figlia’ ma soprattutto che ho […]

Racconti dei babbi

LE MAMME – I RACCONTI CATERINA – E’ stato un parto velocissimo in cui non ho neanche avuto il tempo di sentire più di tanto il dolore delle contrazioni. Mio marito mi ha aiutata fin da subito ed ha continuato a farlo per tutto il parto: è stato bellissimo partorire […]

Racconti delle mamme

THE MOMS  – THEIR STORIES CATERINA – My delivery was very fast. I didn’t even have the time to feel the pain from the contractions. My hasband has helped me from the beginning and throughout the delivery: it has been a wonderful experience to deliver with him, who else?! He’s been great: […]

Mother’s stories – BKP

THE FATHERS  – THEIR STORIES FEDERICO – The desire to live the experience of the birth and to ‘see beyond’ has been the incentive to realize that a father can actively partecipate to the birth.. Last sunday my daughter was born and I was there..  No dubts that “I gave birth to my […]

Father’s stories – BKP

RESEARCH THESIS ON MAMME IN MOVIMENTO 2015 – Two research projects of students of the University of Florence – Faculty of Physical and Sports activities – Medical School – will be presented during the first semester of 2015. These are the first two thesis which study pregnancy from the point of view of sport […]


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RESEARCH THESIS ON MAMME IN MOVIMENTO   November 2008 – Obstetrician Maria Chiara Baccini’s thesis “Project of research: how the Feldenkrais method can impact pain and duration of labour” includes an analysis of the positive results achieved by the training programme “Mamme in Movimento” with a specific focus on pain […]