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YOGA DURING PREGNANCY Is yoga appropriate during pregnancy to prepare for delivery ?   What is yoga Yoga is an ancient physical discipline that is very known and widespread even in the western countries. Yoga aims to find the balance between mind and body. The exercises Yoga is not very appropriate […]


RELAX and AQUATICS Are RELAXING ACTIVITIES and/or AQUATICS any good to prepare for delivery during pregnancy?   What are Relaxing activities and/or Aquatics?  Relaxing activities and/or Aquatics are physical activities which aim to improve the psychophysical well being during pregnancy. The exercises  Exercises are very gentle. Sometimes, they consist in […]


PILATES DURING PREGNANCY Is Pilates recommended during pregnancy in order to prepare for delivery?   What is Pilates? Pilates is a recent and widespread physical training finalized to improve the body muscles’ toning. Because of this, Pilates is very similar to postural training. The exercises Pilates’ exercises are very challenging and […]


FELDENKRAIS  Is the FELDENKRAIS method useful to prepare for the delivery during pregnancy?   What is the Feldenkrais method? The FELDENKRAIS method takes its name from the person who developed this practice. Supported by extensive scientific studies and evidence, the Feldenkrais’ practice aims to improve body awerness, loose muscolar tensions and pain, […]


EUTONIA Is the EUTONIA practice any good to prepare for the delivery during pregnancy?    What is Eutonia? Eutonia is a less known practice of Yoga and Pilates. Eutonia aims to reduce the muscolar tensions and find the “correct balance, toning”. The exercises of Eutonia Eutonia is a gentle gymnastics and Eutonia’s […]