Father’s stories – BKP

FEDERICO – The desire to live the experience of the birth and to ‘see beyond’ has been the incentive to realize that a father can actively partecipate to the birth.. Last sunday my daughter was born and I was there..  No dubts that “I gave birth to my daughter” and I really helped my wife deliver..  a real partnership.. where both of us knew exactly what to do!  An event that I will always remember. Thank you Elena for your precious advices. You really helped us a lot. 
FRANCIS My daughter is born and I would like to give you my opinion as a ‘veteran’ of your course, Elena. You stressed that both mother and father play a role during birth. Absolutely right! You gave us two “starring roles” for the show and the tools to enjoy it (for me for sure!). A proper thanks and public recognition is the least that I can do!